Kari Härkönen
The founder of MindFit Consulting, Kari Härkönen, has worked in technology and financial fields. Kari has worked for industry over 20 years and he has over 10 years of experience in personnel evaluation and recruitment. He graduated as electric technician in 1992, but continued studying beside work. Kari is a life-time learner and is preparing his doctoral thesis related to personnel evaluation. Read more about him ⇒ Kari


Jesse Lento
Jesse functions as a recruiter and headhunter. He was born in California, USA, however his roots are Finnish. Jesse lives in Finland with an Engineering degree in IT from Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, and is finalizing his Master’s degree in Global IT Management from University of Turku. Hockey runs in his blood, and he is always on the search for amateur ice-time in the Helsinki/capital area!

Sven Åström
Sven has a strong background in various key leadership roles in the fields of IT, banking and finance. He works as a partner and senior advisor.


Atso Andersén
Atso developes business and makes risk analyses. He has doctor degree in economics and since the 90’s he has worked for banking and IT field, such as Bank of Finland and Helsinki Stock Exchange (HEX). Atso is a new generation innovator who can commercialize practical ideas into products.