Human Computer Intelligence Laboratory

Welcome to MindFit’s Human Computer Intelligence Laboratory. We investigate how to use intelligence and algorithms in different applications such as recruitment tools. Since Alan Turing developed the famous code breaker during World War II have mathematically oriented calculations and algorithms been part of the human intelligence measurement and ability testing.

Intelligent algorithms can be used in almost every situation where humans need to solve problems or develop new products. However, creating totally new things by computer is challenging, since it is not possible for a human to write an algorithm that calculates every possible combination of wanted results. For that the machine has to learn from experience and from available data. Yet, it is the code written by a human that makes the machine generate algorithms that can learn.

One way to measure when computer intelligence reaches the level of humans is to compare the products they have created. Can you recognize which compositions is made by a human and which created by a computer algorithm? Make the Sound Test.


About us
MindFit Consulting Ltd is a personnel evaluation and headhunting agency that develops evaluation methods for recruitment and career development purposes. Our methods are based on combining substance knowledge from the real work professions to competence analyses, cognitive science, psychometrics and statistics.

Open jobs we offer
If you are mathematically oriented and interested in data analysis and working with algorithms you might be a suitable candidate for us or some of our clients. See also other openings we have. If you don’t find a suitable job on our web site, please fill Open Application since we have a lot of so called silent searches for developers, testers, specialists, managers and CXOs. Read more about us and our openings.