We think that the work environment and tasks should feel right in order to get successful results. The passion the employee has for her or his work task is the key for gaining expertise level know-how. Employer should make all of this possible for its employees. Employee whose skills and abilities are appreciated will also produce more for the employer. We at MindFit examine the needs and passions of the job candidate in order to find her or him the most suitable post in a company that deserves such a person.

As a job seeker you have access to several open jobs in our client companies. We have both permanent positions and fixed term project assignments available.

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It is essential to make hiring company to understand job candidate’s skills and potential in detail. The hiring supervisor might not be the one who first sees the application and CV. There are often people who work as so called gate keepers – those who read CVs but do not necessarily understand the substance details. Thus the candidate profile needs to be prepared in a way that also those who are not experts on the field can see the relevant information from the documents. We maximize the possibilities for job seekers to get into job interviews, so please follow carefully the process before sending an application:

  • Answer to each ‘bullet’ and requirement separately.
  • Tell what experience and skills you have per requested subject (e.g. technology, programming language,…).
  • If you don’t have experience of some requested subject, tell that as well (but if you are familiar with it based on your own research, you can mention it).
  • Do NOT write essays or other long stories!
  • Tell your salary request!
  • Attach CV and use our template for that (see below).
  • Make sure that all the requested criteria can be found in competence list and work history.
  • Check the language for all the material!

After you have completed your comments for each requested criteria, you can write short introduction about yourself and your motivation.

In order to make the applying process more effective, please use our CV template when placing an application. You can download it here ⇒ MindFit CV Template (doc)