It is the people who make a Company succesful. It is essential to appreciate employee’s personal strengths and ambitions in order to place her or him to the right position. When the professionals are in the right place in an organization, the passion they have for their work will help them further develop their competences.

Based on customers’ needs MindFit headhunts the most qualified candidates. The most potential applicants will be met and tested in a live interview and testing session. Only the most suitable candidates will be delivered to the client.

The headhunt assignment will be fully customized together with the client organization. The hunting process can be strengthened using job ads and our own pool of professionals, managers and leaders. Our CV bank already contains thousands of professionals and some of them already work as a strong team together – we can evaluate the best possible teams to be delivered.

The alternatives for direct search and headhunting are consultancy and rental employees. Read more about our consultant services ⇒ Consultants

Moreover, our Corporate Headhunt & Due Diligence service will find and evaluate the whole corporations when customer company wants to strengthen their organization via purchases or corporate fusions.

All our headhunts and consultants go through the detailed competence evaluation process, see ⇒ Personnel Analysis