Movie Theater Jobs (Hyvinkää)

You with passion for movies and strong interest in movie theater business. KINOMA offers part time occassional shifts depending on the current need. In the long term there could be possibility to work with the whole commercial and practical process for getting the movie from film company to the wide screen. You would also be responsible of social media campaigns.

Suits for movie hobbyists, students and as a side job beside a day time job.

Possibility to

  • work part time occassional shifts
  • in the long term there could be possibility to take more regular work shifts and other administrative tasks
  • If interested in provision based work model it is possible to expand career from part time work to day time sales

    We appreciate
  • Self-guidance initiative attitude
  • Interest in developing new concepts
  • Good communication skills (spoken and written Finnish and English)
  • Good sales skills over the phone and live situations
  • Problem solving skills
  • Experience in office tools and computers
  • Web administration skills
  • Social media platforms and tools should be one of your strong areas of acting

    Great benefits:
  • Tons of Pop Corn
  • Possibility to visit film premiers and meet film stars

  • For more information, please contact Kari Härkönen, phone +358 400 752 542, email:


    Follow carefully the process while ‘Apply this position’:

    • Answer to each ‘bullet’ and requirement separately.
    • Tell what experience and skills you have per requested subject (e.g. technology, programming language,…).
    • If you don’t have experience of some requested subject, tell that as well (but if you are familiar with it based on your own research, you can mention it).
    • Tell your salary request!
    • Attach CV and use our template for that (see below).
    • Make sure that all the requested criteria can be found in competence list and work history.
    • Check the language for all the material!

    In order to make the applying process more effective, please use our CV template when placing an application: MindFit CV Template (doc)