Test Automation Professional (Hybrid) (Helsinki)

We are looking for QA oriented Automation Tester to start in a short notice, so please apply today or by Friday morning the 24th of May at 10 AM!! - if you think you can meet the following expectations:

  • You are familiar with the whole testing process from design to automating cases and implementing the whole chain
  • Strong IT systems end-to-end experience
  • Following tools & tech are familiar to you on a professional level: Python, Robot Framew, clouds (aws/azure), Jira, Confluence
  • Good communication skills in both English and Finnish
  • And you should have nearly 10 years experience in QA in general and at least some experience in Finance IT systems

  • Hybrid (at Helsinki office when needed)
  • Salary 5000 €+/- per month or leave your B2B offer!
  • Call us in any questions you might have!

  • For more information, please contact Kari Härkönen, phone +358 400 752 542, email: kari@mindfitconsulting.com


    Follow carefully the process while ‘Apply this position’:

    • Answer to each ‘bullet’ and requirement separately.
    • Tell what experience and skills you have per requested subject (e.g. technology, programming language,…).
    • If you don’t have experience of some requested subject, tell that as well (but if you are familiar with it based on your own research, you can mention it).
    • Tell your salary request!
    • Attach CV and use our template for that (see below).
    • Make sure that all the requested criteria can be found in competence list and work history.
    • Check the language for all the material!

    In order to make the applying process more effective, please use our CV template when placing an application: MindFit CV Template (doc)