Senior Developers, mainly middle and low level (Tampere)

Hi, we are looking for experienced developers for consultancy type of roles. The job can be direct employment in a permanent post or fixed term B2B assignment up to your wish. The salary and pricing model of ours is competitive and motivating (5-6,5 k/month as a salary - you can count what it would be as a B2B hour rate billing).

So, here are several roles and their short criteria. Please choose one or more and send us your CV with matching work history and an open letter telling about your skills and motivation for such a role:

Following roles, expected start during September-October frame, 2022:

  • Embedded SW developer: Linux, C/C++, plussaa: Matlab, virtualisointi (Tampere, suomen kielen vaatimus)
  • Software virtualization engineer: virtualization, KVM, Qemu, ARM, embedded Linux, seL4, device drivers, kernel
  • Android developer on middleware and lower level (no UI)
  • Snr FPGA verification engineer. (Vivado toolchain, Verilog&VHDL/TCL/Python 3.5+, Tools like myHDL, Icarus Verilog, cocotb & gtkwave will be used. Experience with network protocols(ethernet), embedded SW & high-speed electronics. Experience of CI (TeamCity/Jenkins) and Agile methods would be advantage)
  • Software virtualization engineer: virtualization, KVM, Qemu, ARM, embedded Linux, seL4, device drivers, kernel
  • Senior integration engineer: Embedded Linux, Embedded System & low-level Linux debugging, Linux kernel experience
  • Low level Android developers
  • HMI toolkit developer: C++, Experience in at least one industry leading software stacks (Eg. Qt, Kanzi, Flutter or others). Android or iOs.
  • Graphics rendeering engineer: C++, graphics rendeering, 2D drawing, API knowledge (Vulkan, DX12, Metal or OpenGL)
  • Low-level SW developers: C, device drivers, embedded, CAN, microcontrollers, UART
  • Network security engineer (OULU possible): SNMP, Linux, network administration, network security, C/C++

  • For more information, please contact Kari Härkönen, phone +358 400 752 542, email:


    Follow carefully the process while ‘Apply this position’:

    • Answer to each ‘bullet’ and requirement separately.
    • Tell what experience and skills you have per requested subject (e.g. technology, programming language,…).
    • If you don’t have experience of some requested subject, tell that as well (but if you are familiar with it based on your own research, you can mention it).
    • Tell your salary request!
    • Attach CV and use our template for that (see below).
    • Make sure that all the requested criteria can be found in competence list and work history.
    • Check the language for all the material!

    In order to make the applying process more effective, please use our CV template when placing an application: MindFit CV Template (doc)