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MindFit’s CEO in Sub contractors’s meet (Alihankinta2018)

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Cooperation and joint special knowledge are the keys to respond to the market needs. Break the barriers and work together! This is possible through one easily accessible channel. This was MindFit CEO Kari Härkönen’s message to AlihankintaHEAT audience, in his presentation on sub-contractors collaboration.

The presentation continued directly with a lively panel discussion on digitalization, industry disruption and innovation. The panel was moderated by RAG – Rapid Action Group Oy, with participants Harri Jaskari from the National Coalition Party, Olli Tannerkoski from Tannerkoski Capital Oy, Paula Kuusipalo-Määttä from VR Group, and YardMate CEO Kari Härkönen. The idea of RAG was for the panelists to rapidly react to the topics in question – they didn’t know each other’s questions in advance.

Kari challenged the co-panelists with many ideas such as data handling: An increasing amount of (the so-called Big) data burdens our globe. Problems might be solved, but from an incomprehensible amount of data the right one is extra challenging to find. You need to know how to search. You cannot outsource your thinking to Google!

Photos by Ismo Karjalainen

CEO of MindFit hosting YardMate meetup – keynote Rolls Royce

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Kari Härkönen, CEO of MindFit Consulting Ltd and Co-founder of YardMate marine consortium hosted YardMate’s monthly meetup. Every month YardMate organizes monthly meeting for its members and brings the most interesting keynotes on the stage – June’s keynote was Karno Tenovuo, Senior Vice President Ship Intelligence at Rolls Royce who gave a memorable presentation about autonomous ship intelligence.

Kari opens the day!

See more pictures and content in YardMate site!

MindFit opens bridge between Poland – Finland

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As a member of YardMate MindFit joined Polish Maritime conference as a speaker. While YardMate opened cooperation and resourcing channel for maritime cluster MindFit created channel for bringing IT resources and forming offshoring model with Polish software development parties.

Sometimes the project needs good key persons that are not always available in Finland, because they are most probably already working somewhere. In practice MindFit has noted that bringing one key expert from outside Finland it may give opportunity for 10 Finnish developers.

See the news in LinkedIn

Our CEO Mr. Kari Härkönen presenting the cooperation concept
for Polish decision makers.

Meeting Member company SIMS in New Jersey

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MindFit Consulting Ltd belongs to a marine industry consortium YardMate which has a lot of members specialized in different maritime products and services.

MindFit’s CEO Mr. Kari Härkönen visited one of the YardMate’s member Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc. (SIMS) in their factory in New Jersey. Read more and see pictures and video: Visiting Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc.

Read more about MindFit’s maritime operations and YardMate: MindFit in YardMate

Turun Sanomien talousosasto kävi haastattelemassa toimitusjohtajaamme

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Turun Sanomien talousosasto kertoo YardMate-yrityskonsortiosta, joka on MindFitin toimitusjohtajan perustama verkostoitumis- ja kokonaisutoimituskanava meriteollisuutta ja telakoita varten. MindFit on mukana verkostossa tuomassa resursointi- ja henkilöarviointipalvelua. Lue juttu täältä!

Kari Härkönen (vas.), Annika Perho ja Henri Arvonen heittelevät
“meriteollisuuspalloja” ilmaan. He haluavat lisätä toimialan
yhteistyötä ja läpinäkyvyyttä.

Our CEO’s speech to Engineering Students in Helsinki

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MindFit’s CEO Kari Härkönen was asked to instruct young engineers about how to apply jobs in Finland. The master host, MAUNO, opened the late night on Friday the 1st of September, 2017. Lauri Karhunen, the official representative of Uudenmaan insinööriopiskelijat UIO ry then wished Mr. Härkönen on the stage, and the rest is history… wonderful evening, a top talented engineers and students, good discussion. Wish there will be more.