Software Developer Positions (Helsinki)

We are constantly looking for experienced and enthusiastic software developers for different levels/leyers in production - UI, FrontEnd, BackEnd, etc. and yes, if you believe you have capability to handle the whole stack from hardware and databases through all the APIs in the middle to the upper level, and if you can optimize all the usability related technical and visual elements according to the latest theoretical research you might think you are a real FullStack Developer - but you know what? We don't believe you. You have to prove your skills to us and present some samples that show you can meet your own pipe dreams of your head.

Do not hesitate to contact us if any questions 🙂

See the requested areas below. Those are our top priorities in this search. Excellent communication skills between technical and business stakeholders is very much appreciated in all the project assignments and permanent jobs as well.

Please mention in your application if you are interested in permanent positions or negotiating fixed term employee contract or B2B deal.

In any case, please read the requirements below and comment each 'bullet' separately by telling what you can offer for us regarding the specific issue, and for what salary/hour rate you are expecting to get. There are several openings so we are interested in different kind of competence combinations (you don't need to know all of those).

If you want to emphasize your search, you can use our CV template that can be downloaded from

Yleiset vaatimukset
For all the positions apply:

  • Good communications skills (like written documents and verbal negotiations)
  • Cooperation skills within the modern project work methods
  • Requirement Analysis skills are counted as a benefit in all the positions
  • Note: Many positions require Finnish skills but there are more and more international assignments and jobs available

  • Tekniset vaatimukset
    The most requested developers' technical areas (not in order of priority):

  • Finance/Banking/Insurance IT systems
  • Data Warehouse, data analytics and (so called) Big Data
  • Programming (C, C++, Python,...)
  • Market analysis data
  • Search engine optimization
  • Web development in general (front, back and fullst.)
  • ERP, CRM, ETL process development
  • Telecom technologies
  • Mobile networks
  • Privacy related technologies
  • e-payment / billing processes
  • Cloud technologies

  • Lisätietoja antaa Kari Härkönen, puh +358 400 752 542, email:


    Kun haet jotain paikkaa, toimi seuraavasti:

    • Vastaa aina jokaiseen vaatimukseen ja mahdolliseen toiveeseen erikseen (käsittele jokainen ’bullet’ erikseen).
    • Varmista, että vastauksesi kertoo, miten hyvin tunnet kunkin aihepiirin, ja mitä kokemusta siitä on.
    • Jos jostain aiheesta ei ole kokemusta, kerro sekin lyhyesti (voit kuitenkin tehostaa vastausta kuvailemalla lyhyesti, jos olet perehtynyt teoreettisella tasolla aiheeseen).
    • Älä siis vastaa ympäripyöreästi vapaamuotoisella tekstillä vaan kommentoi jokaista aihepiiriä erikseen!
    • Kerro palkkatoiveesi!
    • Liitä mukaan (mielellään meidän pohjaan tehty) CV.
    • Varmista että kysytyt asiat löytyvät CV:stä ja että CV:n kompetenssilistan asiat ovat myös työhistoriassa.
    • Tarkista kieliasu ja oikeinkirjoitus koko materiaalille!

    Tehokkaimmin työpaikan haku etenee kun liität hakulomakkeeseen meidän omalle pohjalle täytetyn CV:n, jonka voi ladata täältä: MindFit CV Template (doc)